as my slogan „HAPPINESS IS HOMEMADE“says, we are all responsible for our own happiness.

If we – do what we love and love what we do –  we are most likely a lot happier in life.

As I love to create things with my own hands I arranged a little working space in an old farmhouse where I produce jewellery, surf ponchos and accessories. It makes me smile everytime I am holding a finished product in my hands.Now that I am living in a mobile home for a few months I had to leave behind my beloved working space back home. However I found a nice alternative: My little rolling shop combines two things I love… Traveling and being creative. Patscho (Piaggio Porter) my Minivan gives me the chance to share this passion with everyone on my way. Out of my boot I produce and sell my homemade products everywhere I go to keep me rolling as long as possible.