Happiness is homemade – your companion for a creative journey

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  • interactive workbook
  • hightly motivating
  • all sorts of inspiration
  • 276 colorful pages
  • DIY ideas, recipes & mindful thoughts
  • accompanies your inner journey
  • personal travelogue about 2 years on the road
  • unique illustrations & travel photos
  • printed on 100% recycled paper in Germany
  • 200% made with love 🧡

With a big lust for life, I set off on a long journey into the unknown. From Ireland all the way to the remote desert of Africa, I searched for the hidden treasure of bliss. Living with only the bare essentials and having time alone to work on myself have made me rich in a special way: rich in creative power, inner strength, peace and deep content. I would like to share this treasure with you, in the form of this book; to inspire and accompany you, with do-it-yourself suggestions, recipe ideas and all sorts of inspirations to start being mindful of your own journey.


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Bliss is a state of deep inner peace and contentment, independent of any external influence. A state of peace, love and harmony with yourself and the world.


Is describes a state of being in the present moment. In full awareness of this lies the key to bliss, because only now, in the here and the now, is the truth of life taking place.


Home is a feeling of security and intimacy. This feeling exists regardless of any physical place, as everyone carries it within him or herself.

> True inner happiness can only arise from this feeling, from the home within you. Everyone is the source and carries the creative power to shape their own life, within oneself, in every single moment.

A conscious relationship with oneself brings harmony, in dealing with others and with the world.

let us all be happy!

*excerpt from the book

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7 Bewertungen für Happiness is homemade – your companion for a creative journey

  1. Mat

    beautiful to read this thank you!

  2. Lisa

    Just finished your book and found it really inspiring, especially the well-being / mindfulness advice. I’ve been managing bad memories and negative thoughts for years. Your book has helped me find a way of controlling this issue, by visualising each negative thought as a memory floating by. It is working well! 🙂

  3. Peter S.

    Bloody work of genius. The whole concept, the wise lifestyle and personal advise, the recipes, the artist you have chosen, the creativeness and the whole presentation of the book is extraordinary!

  4. Sonia K.

    I got it as a present and absolutely love it! Especially all the little details like the little flip book where Patscho is driving around. Really inspiring!

  5. Marian

    WOW – what a journey you went through and WOW what came out of it! Absolutely inspiring in many ways. I hope to one day go on a trip like this, until then I go mind traveling with this book.

  6. Kate loves to travel

    I keep this book in my own campervan. I am so grateful for all this recipe and DIY ideas to make with only little things. I got another one for my mum to show her how inspiring life on the road can be like. She thinks it’s great and finally understands my passion for traveling. would definetly recommand to get a copy!

  7. G.

    100% authentic!

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