Surf ponchos

for the whole family

a surf poncho? What is that?

A piece of clothing that you will never again want to be without! It was invented to make changing your clothes easier when doing water sports. With it you can peel yourself out of the wet wetsuit effortlessly and without shame, and also it’s fluffy, warm and dry. The so-called changing towel is not only an absolute Must Have on the beach, but also at home after a shower or for a cozy sunday. The soft towel fabric puts you in a holiday and relaxation mood no matter where. I still wear the poncho that I sliced ​​up from old towels 6 years ago, in the meantime I have continued to develop the design and have now come to this beautiful result. So you can put together a very individual poncho according to your wishes or make an already made one your new favorite.



give away for Christmas

I recently stopped producing the ponchos myself, but started working with a small family business in Portugal. Until all the shipping processes work well together, you got to be patient a bit longer. In order to give your loved ones a unique poncho for Christmas anyway, you can secure a voucher. So the recipient can put together their own individual combination. This will then be manufactured and shipped in the first quarter of 2022.

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