Here you will find a selection of my lovingly self-made things, whether traveling or at home in my studio, I love making things myself and I am happy to share them with you here. You too can take part in the creation process and put together a poncho yourself or go on a creative journey into happiness with my book. Have lots of fun with it!



a surfponcho? what is that?

A garment that you will never want to be without again! It was invented to make changing your clothes easier when doing water sports. With it you can peel yourself out of the wet wetsuit effortlessly and without shame, and also it’s fluffy, warm and dry. The so-called changing towel is not only an absolute Must Have on the beach, but also at home after a shower or for a cozy Sunday. The soft towel fabric puts you in a holiday and relaxation mood no matter where you are. I still wear the poncho that I sliced ​​up from old towels 6 years ago, in the meantime I have continued to develop new designs and have now come to these beautiful results. So you can put together a very individual poncho according to your wishes or make an already made one your new favorite.

the book:


I brought you this book from my two-year trip in my minivan. It may accompany you with do-it-yourself suggestions, recipe ideas and all sorts of inspirations to start being mindful of your own journey.


In small workshops I want to share my passion, tools and knowledge with you. No matter whether at your home, in my mobile home or in my studio.


A rolling shop enabled me to go on a long journey with my smallest companion. It kept us driving across Europe to Africa.