For a long time „Happiness is Homemade“ was my brand’s slogan, but during my journey it also became my motto in life and finally, the title for this book… fulfilling another one of my dreams. Although I had little knowledge of writing and publishing when I began, I love to work creatively, I like beautiful books and I am a doer. So why not create a beautiful book? With a crowdfunding campaign and your generous support I managed to realize and print this beautiful book.

I thank you so much for being part of this journey, and in return I hope to give you back some inspiration for your own journey.




Bliss is a state of deep inner peace and contentment, independent of any external influence. A state of peace, love and harmony with yourself and the world.


Is describes a state of being in the present moment. In full awareness of this lies the key to bliss, because only now, in the here and the now, is the truth of life taking place.


Home is a feeling of security and intimacy. This feeling exists regardless of any physical place, as everyone carries it within him or herself.

> True inner happiness can only arise from this feeling, from the home within you. Everyone is the source and carries the creative power to shape their own life, within oneself, in every single moment.

A conscious relationship with oneself brings harmony, in dealing with others and with the world.


*excerpt from the book


From the two years journey with my Minivan I brought this book back for you. It may accompany you with do-it-yourself suggestions, recipe ideas and all sorts of inspirations to start being mindful of your own journey.