From the beginning: My name is Kerstin and I am originally from the southwest of Germany. My nickname: Körmi also got born there. Kerstin – Kermit – Körmet – Körmi (somehow like that). From this nickname I created a brand name: Körmi Körmet for a project during my one-year fashion design degree. Although I studied architecture afterwards and now write books, this name stayed with me and accompanies me now on my adventurous journeys through life. It denotes my lovingly self-made things, my travels, stories as well as my person and a positive lifestyle.

I am now 27 years old and have been traveling for almost 7 years, not always physically but always on my own path in life. It leads me over mountains, in valleys, dead ends, on expressways and panorama passes – and mostly to the sea. There I feel as a born pisces in my element, the water, at home and safe. When I was 20, I learned to love surfing in Australia and developed an alternative lifestyle from it. Guided by the rhythm and the beauty of nature. From what I draw endless inspiration for creative work. I’ve always loved creating things with my own hands. My self-employment enables me to share this love with you in the form of books, Ponchos and jewelry.

Nice that you’re here!


Come join me on my journey…


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